Nathan W. Armes is a Denver, Colorado-based videographer and photographer.

The bulk of Armes’ work focuses on travel and lifestyle, the American West, access to health care, civil rights for all and most everything between. Armes is deeply interested in the utilization of multi-platform single-storytelling to expand reach and understanding of larger issues.

Through the strategic production of content that develops across multiple forms of media, he believes that we are able to explore the present — without escaping the past — and the future of how we will collectively share, gather and publish memories and historical lessons across multiple platforms.

Armes is a former staff photojournalist at a newspaper in Western North Carolina where he worked before packing up his Jeep and adventuring to Colorado in 2007.

He appreciates trees, southbound trains, tacos and snacks, the expansive beauty of the wilderness, all dogs, jokes and untethered adventure.

He is married to a storyteller, Beth Hardy. They both share the love of a shelter dog named Sophie who helps fill life’s moments with a blistering radiance.


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The National Park Service
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United States (Olympic) Boxing
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