Polaroids: Family Artifacts


Franklin, North Carolina // 35.181111, -83.381667

Over the years I’ve learned that enjoyment is rarely purchased and if so, it’s most likely illegal in many states.

That said, it would be melodramatic to account that a recent eBay purchase of a POLAROID EE100 SPECIAL changed my life … but it’s getting close to right.

Sure, as technology improves and file sizes increase the purchase of a 20 or 30-year-old instant film camera – with questionable lens quality and film availability – could be viewed as a mistake, misstep or $20 donation to the eBay either.

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Colorado: Hailey Wait


Buena Vista, Colorado // 38.841687, -106.132572

Recently assigned by Barcroft Media, I drove south to the small mountain town of Buena Vista, Colorado to link up with Hailey Wait, a local teen who is using her social media influence to showcase an often misunderstood truth in beauty: You don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Wait is dealing with cystic acne – a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become clogged underneath the skin leaving behind painful bumps. The 17-year-old decided she didn’t need to say sorry for how she looked and wanted to fight back by helping other young people struggling with their skin by posting pictures barefaced.

“Acne doesn’t make you ugly,” said Wait between managing her Instagram account of near 100K followers. As if on an endless scroll, she replies to comments and keeps the mood light while inspiring others. She knows how dark social can fade but she yields her feed as a blunt instrument and agent of change, using photography and her artwork as a power source. She understands how hard it is, to show your true self online, but for her, it’s more about helping others deal with the physical and emotional pain of acne.

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Colorado: Amache Japanese-American Relocation Center


Granada, Colorado // 38.056326, -102.329124

The desaturated landscape surrounding the Amache Japanese-American Relocation Center, better known to the world as Camp Amache, reflects a sad texture in American history. Little has changed here in over 70 years as only slabs of cracked and sun-bleached concrete remain of the barrack-like structures that once stood against the blustery southeastern Colorado weather. If not for a few, this land would further fade from our collective American memory, bleached not by sun, snow or rain but by the creeping passage of time.

Camp Amache – Granda Relocation Camp – was occupied by almost 7,000 Japanese Americans in 1942 after the signing of Executive Order 9066.

(ABOVE)  A small cemetery dedicated to the Japanese Americans who volunteered to join the fight for Europe in WWII. Nisei, from all the camps who volunteered formed the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and is one of the most highly decorated combat teams in the history of the US Army. It was nicknamed the ‘Purple Heart Battalion.’ Combat team member Pvt. 1st Class Kiyoshi Muranaga was killed in fighting near Suvereto, Italy on June 26, 1944. He was posthumously award the Medal of Honor in June 2000. Read more about Pvt. Muranaga and his valor.

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Carhenge: Eclipse 2017


Alliance, Nebraska // 42.142210, -102.858151

Time Shot: 08:18:08

Since the dawn of time; kings, oracles, and philosophers have looked to the heavens in awe. It’s a story old as mankind.

Today, August 21, 2017 — more than 4000 years since the Chinese observed the eclipse of 2136 BC — millions of Americans flock to cities and towns along “the path of totality” to witness this celebrated celestial event. A celestial Woodstock of sorts.

“. . . and the Sun has perished out of heaven, and an evil mist hovers over all.” Homer, The Odyssey.

Homer is said to be describing a total solar eclipse of April 16, 1178, BC. But for a few historical texts and records, modern man can only imagine how early societies interpreted this astronomical wonder. The Old Testament credits the Lord God for making the sun go down at noon. Greek poets cast blame on the Olympians. “Fear has come upon mankind,” they scribed.

Enter modern day Alliance, Nebraska, the home to Carhenge, a replica of the Druids’ most famous and mysterious structure, Stonehenge. Built by Jim Reinders in 1987, it’s what you imagine. Old cars, a classic Jeep, a Pinto and other faceless vehicles placed where the towering pillars of Stonehenge cast shadows thousands of miles away in Southern England. Drawing visitors from near and far, Carhenge is a monument to the country’s weird and wonderful roadside attractions and testament to the great American road trip.

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